Warranty / 90 Day Maintenance Inspection

Warranty Inspections of New Building

According to the “Rectification of Building Work Policy”, builders are held responsible to fix all of issues which are reported within 6 months after the completion of construction work – all major and minor faults. As a house owner, it is important that you hire experienced and authorised building inspectors to carry out a full inspection before the expiry date so that the builder can take care of all and any issues as soon as possible.

This inspection is conducted to indicate defects and overlaps because of incomplete construction work throughout the handover stage. Reports are produced during the inspection that includes all possible additional flaws that have been noticed since completion of construction. These include defects of category 1 and category 2 (all small and large building defects).

All the inspections conducted by the experts of Besafe Property Inspections are in compliance with accepted industry rules and regulations.


Defects of Category 1

  • Severe structural damage to the building
  • Severely influences the wellbeing and health of the residents
  • Severely influences usefulness of the building
  • Penetration of water into the building


Defects of Category 2

  • It is not in accordance with the standards of construction
  • End of the Warranty Inspection for the New Residential Building
  • May include defects related to Category 1 (Statutory Warranty Period – 6.5 Years)

Warranty Inspections are conducted to reveal the defects related to Category 1 that possibly may exist. All the significant issues will be exposed that must be taken care of by the builder under the Statutory Warranty Period.

It is highly recommended that the owners of the property hire an experienced and qualified inspector for the inspection of all buildings and they must be carried out six months before the expiry of the Statutory Warranty Period (6.5 years).

Mostly builders are supposed to contact you at the 90 Day Maintenance Period. They will ask you to provide them with your prepared check list to rectify any issues. Building inspectors of Besafe Property Inspections will help you prepare this list allowing you to deliver the full report to the Builder.