How to Choose The Right Pest and Building Inspectors

How to find the right building and pest inspector | Be Safe Property Inspectors

Buying a property anytime soon? First, have it inspected. This is one way to check if you are making a sound investment. As a buyer, you can commission for two types of inspection: building inspection and pest inspection. You have the option to choose just one type of inspection or both, depending on your property and your personal preferences.

While inspection services save you from future headaches, choosing an inspector can be quite challenging. That is why before deciding, you may want to take note of the following:

Minimise or refuse recommendations

Property specialists tend to have a preference for, if not an existing partnership with, building inspection and pest control companies. They may subtly recommend you to these companies in a bid to retain the sale price. Property agents work with inspectors who are less likely to expose a property’s defects so its value does not go down. However, it is better for you to find your own inspector – one who is thorough and objective and lets you know whether you are getting your money’s worth. 

Do not worry about the price

Different inspectors charge different rates. But how do you know which company is the best choice? Your first consideration should be their track record. Prioritise experience and professional history over cheap pricing. The ideal building and pest inspectors are capable of conducting comprehensive inspections that you may have missed out on should you settle for less. 

Check for licenses and pertinent documents

The job of a building or pest inspector requires a special licence that confirms his skills and expertise. Hire only qualified and licenced inspectors who can work in your province. Pest inspectors have two types of licences: a general licence for their profession and a specific licence for termite or timber pest control. Such licences may also come with public liability or professional indemnity insurance. You know you are dealing with the right inspection company if they have no trouble showing you these documents.

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