What should I look for in a Strata Unit?

Strata Unit

In years gone by it was common for first-time home owners, in fact all home owners, to buy or invest in a house in the suburbs. A lot has changed since then, and more and more people are choosing to live in, or invest in, units and townhouses. This change has come because of, more often than not, their affordability, their superior positions closer to the city, as well as less time required for upkeep and maintenance. But if you’re…

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Do I need a Strata Report when considering buying a unit?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a strata-titled unit in Sydney, a Strata Title Report is vital. You deserve to know everything about the property before you sign on the bottom line. One of the most comprehensive ways to obtain this information is with a strata inspection report. These reports reveal ESSENTIAL information that you simply must know before getting too far into a strata property deal. When you buy a unit, you are becoming jointly responsible for the entire complex.…

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How to Choose The Right Pest and Building Inspectors

How to find the right building and pest inspector | Be Safe Property Inspectors

Buying a property anytime soon? First, have it inspected. This is one way to check if you are making a sound investment. As a buyer, you can commission for two types of inspection: building inspection and pest inspection. You have the option to choose just one type of inspection or both, depending on your property and your personal preferences. While inspection services save you from future headaches, choosing an inspector can be quite challenging. That is why before deciding, you…

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The Cause Of Wall Cracks

Understanding the cause requires consideration of a large number of factors, and is the first step in making any assessment as to the seriousness and cost of repairing wall cracks. Some of the most common causes of cracking are: The impact of foundation soils Some level of soil excavation is usually required when a home is first built. Depending on the type of home you have, will determine how much excavation work needs to be carried out. Some types of…

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Cracks in Buildings. How Serious Are They?

The sight of cracking can set off alarm bells in anyone considering purchasing a property, although, most properties will exhibit cracking at some point in their lives. As materials age and settle to accommodate changes in the building's environment, cracks can appear if the builder has not allowed for this environmental change by installing control or expansion joints. While cracking is often not a great cause for alarm, affecting only the appearance, some cracking can also be a sign of…

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The Importance of Getting Building and Pest Inspections Before Buying a Property

Detailed Report

When buying a property, it can often be confusing or overwhelming when it comes to knowing which kind of experts to engage with and pre-purchase reports or certificates to purchase to ensure you make a smart investment. For most property owners, buying a home is the biggest financial investment they will make in their life, and while financial and mortgage advice, location decisions and many other factors are largely researched, it can often be forgotten or overlooked how important it…

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